There’s a new way to engage. Bridge physical and digital experiences with ease.

TouchPoint Browsing gives consumers quick, easy access to information… when and where they want it.


Upgrade your app with our Physical Web SDK

Give your visitors a radically new augmented in-store experience.

Empower your app with fast, easy, and secure IoT TouchPoint Browsing. With about 10 lines of code to add two buttons, you can unlock touchpoint browsing for your app users.


Physical Web Touchpoints

Beacon, QR and NFC TouchPoints give you and your visitors easy access options through the Physical Web.

Each type of TouchPoint has its own unique user experience. They can be used individually, but they also play well together and with other proximity marketing tech. Having these options allows you to choose the best type of experience for the individual need, making inbound customer engagement campaigns far more efficient and flexible for everyone.

Touchpoint Options

The Physical Web is the hub of universal access.

It’s finally simple to create universal digital experiences for your visitors, with or without an app. Users can access content with a Physical Web browser or with your native app.


Phy Platform Website

Manage everything with ease.

The Phy Platform is an end-to-end suite of tools to manage installations, content, and context for proximity marketing campaigns. With it, you can instantly and remotely update content and context for any QR codeNFC tag, or any brand of Physical Web beacon – on a schedule, through an API, one at a time, or for thousands in batches.

Platform Features

Measure your results.

With the Phy Platform, you can identify trends, measure impressions, and click-through rates to quantify your campaigns. See what works and remotely change what doesn’t. Closed-loop marketing in the purest sense.


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