This is customer-directed engagement.

It’s finally simple to create engaging digital experiences in physical moments. They start with customer intent.

Touchpoint browsing puts customers in control.

Any app can now offer a revolutionary, image-rich browsing experience with nearby things and places. Delight your customers with the ability to easily discover the digital content they want. Unlike push messages, you won’t push them away… you pull them in.

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The Physical Web makes touchpoint browsing available for the Internet of Things.

Based upon proximity, rather than a typed search, anyone nearby can quickly access contextual information or actions associated with their immediate environment. We make that access easier and even more secure.

The Physical Web

Used in over 40 countries around the world.

Contact us to request a tour and learn more about why leading brands in 40+ countries are using our Physical Web products and why Gartner named us a “2016 Cool Vendor in Mobile & Wireless.”

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Manage digital touchpoints with ease.

Our PHY platform is an end-to-end suite of tools for managing installations, content, and context for Physical Web campaigns. With it, administrators can instantly and remotely update content and context for Physical Web beacons, QR codes, and NFC tags – on a schedule, through an API, one at a time, or for thousands in bulk.

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Physical Web Touchpoints

Physical Web beacons, QR codes and NFC tags provide access options for you and your visitors.

Each type of touchpoint has its own user experience. Although they’re not interchangeable, they do play well together. Having these options allows marketers to choose the best type of experience for the individual need, making installations far more efficient and flexible for everyone.

Touchpoint Options

Google, Snapchat and Twitter are getting in on the game.

With more than 800 million devices able to see Physical Web beacons and support NFC, Android sees proximity as a priority. Now Chrome browsers can detect beacons. The iOS version of Chrome, along with Snapchat and Twitter, can scan QR codes, making access truly universal.

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CoverCardsTM enable instant previews for any touchpoint.

Your audience wants fast access to information. Give them previews that load fast and inform them about destination content, while giving you the metrics you need.


phySDK empowers your app with fast, easy, and secure touchpoint browsing.

Our phySDK makes it easy to enable any native iOS or Android app with the power to browse. With about 10 lines of code to add two buttons, you can unlock touchpoint browsing for your app users.

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Deployment is easy. Place a beacon, QR code, or NFC tag near your product, sign, or service to start sharing.


Quickly link to an existing website or create new content for a focused promotional landing page.


Share that it’s there. Create awareness with visual cues so people know when content is available.

Measure your results.

Identify trends, measurable impressions, and click-through rates, quantify your campaigns. See what works and remotely change what doesn’t. Closed-loop marketing in the purest sense.

Campaign Metrics

Getting started is easy.

If you’re running a small bodega or a chain of shopping malls… a small bed and breakfast or resorts around the world… a high school event or a league of professional athletes… regardless of the scale we can help. Our hardware is internationally certified and our software is built to scale with EU compliance.

If you need to talk about quantity discounts, nonprofit or education incentives, contact us. 
We’re happy to help.

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