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To push is to pester. Curiosity connects.

iBeacon introduced us to proximity marketing with beacons, but the model of push has proven to pester. Now the Physical Web is ushering in a new method. Learn how BKON hardware and the Platform uniquely enable truly meaningful mobile consumer engagement.

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The next big thing for mobile engagement. We make beacons and the tools that make them simple to use.

Our beacon hardware, coupled with enables marketers to extend their reach by remotely controlling message context and content.

Intelligent Remote Control gives marketers improved Physical Web management, better performance visibility and enriched consumer experiences.

Secure Beacon Hardware

iBeacon compatible, every BKON beacon comes Eddy-Ready™ with support for the Physical Web and easy integration with

Beacon Details

Multifunction Dev Tools

While many ask the question of either iBeacon or Eddystone-URL, there’s another option. Enable any native iOS or Android app with the power of the Physical Web.


Track or Engage? Which is the best beacon strategy for your brand?

Eddystone-URL and iBeacon have different capabilities, strengths and supporting toolsets to power your next proximity marketing campaign.

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Attract, engage and understand your customers. Deliver exact information, not mass messaging.


Provide visitors with customized guided tours, including food and entertainment ideas.

Trade Shows

Provide interactive maps, seamless check-in, attendance details and relevant schedule updates.


Improve efficiency and generate data as proof of compliance. Engage families and staff relative to proximity.

Real Estate

Enrich house hunting experiences. Provide far greater detail, serve up listing content, boost realtor efficiency.


Improve experience and increase engagement by analyzing traffic and making real-time campaign changes.

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