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Even as people are browsing the aisles, they’re browsing their phones. Add Physical Web beacons to welcome them with easy access to detailed information and incentives, right where it’s most useful.

As a part of the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT), the Physical Web is becoming a universal standard for online interaction with offline physical surroundings. Placing a Physical Web beacon creates a “virtual bookmark,” that draws on people’s natural curiosity to deliver content (i.e. Tap for secret deals) or interactions (i.e. Tap to buy.)


Our Beacons

Tiny IoT hardware that act as consumer touchpoints for fast access to nearby information, incentives and interactions.


Our Dev Tools

Multifunction API and SDK developer tools that enable you to easily add “nearby” functions of the Physical Web to any native iOS or Android app.


Our Platform

Create and manage message, creative, and context for Physical Web content anywhere in the world. One at a time or for thousands in bulk.


Even If You Think You Already Know Beacons

We invite you to take a closer look at the Physical Web. Physical Web beacons are different from the iBeacons you’ve used before. Don’t get us wrong, we’re fans of iBeacon and believe the two can peacefully coexist (or even complement each other), but when it comes to customer engagement and inbound marketing campaigns, the Physical Web is often the best tool for the job.

Our unique platform takes full advantage of the Physical Web’s shift from push to pull, outbound to inbound, broadcast to closed-loop, one-way to experiential, and interruptive to inviting. We let you control every aspect of these new inbound interactions.

It’s Simple

For marketers, it’s the simplest proximity solution to deploy. You don’t need a team of developers or IT pros. You can do everything yourself.


Deployment is easy. Place a beacon near your product, sign, or the service you’re promoting. Anyone can do it.


Using our platform, pick content to share. Add your creative touch. Associate it with your beacon(s) and save.


Share that it’s there. Let people know more info is available nearby by showing the Universal Physical Web symbol. They tap. They’re engaged.

Outbound vs Inbound

As a retailer, you want to engage with people… and they want to engage with you. They’re already actively seeking information, incentives, and entertainment. They’re just doing it in a way that leaves you out of the loop. Online inquiries and Siri searches lead them in all different directions. You need touchpoints that let them reach you when they have needs.

Outbound is not the answer for engaging consumers during these moments of intent. Geofence and iBeacon proximity campaigns are often intrusive or inaccurate. Hard sell push messages rarely win customer loyalty.

Physical Web Logo small .PNG fileHaving information available right when and where it’s needed… that’s a valuable service. The Physical Web invites with a soft sell approach of consumer-initiated engagement. It places valuable content in the locations where it is most useful to consumers, identifies it with a universal logo, makes it simple to access, and then allows consumers to interact when they choose.

One Beacon
Many Ways to Interact

Physical Web Browsers and Apps
Because the Physical Web is universal, shoppers can engage touchpoints with passive notifications from compatible browsers, or with a tap in an approved app. It’s the only beacon tech that works simultaneously across apps and browsers. We make it easy for you to add this in-store engagement ability with our Nearby SDK for native apps. By adding a nearby button to your app, your customers will be able to quickly engage with Physical Web content in the app they already know and love.

Learn How to Extend your Offline Retail Experience with Your Online Info

Contact us to request a tour and learn more about how brands in 40+ countries are using our Physical Web platform and why Gartner named us a “2016 Cool Vendor in Mobile & Wireless.”