Marketing Tools for the IoT

Simple, affordable tools to connect digital content and actions to physical things. Beacons and inbound marketing at their very best. Finally.

Learn about the Physical Web and our inbound proximity marketing platform.

A World of New Capabilities for Marketers

Enabled by the Physical Web and our unique platform, this shift changes the game from push to pull, outbound to inbound, broadcast to closed-loop, one-way to experiential, and interruptive to inviting. Our tools make it easy to create and manage Physical Web content – expanding access from just browsers, to both browsers and apps. It’s a game changer.


Physical Web visibility through browsersWith Browsers
Visibility Through Physical Web Browsers – Use what’s already out there. Your content is discoverable on the Physical Web by 1 Billion+ Android users as well as iOS users with Chrome, Opera, and Magnet. We have a customizable white label browser too.

Physical Web visibility through your appWithin Apps
Easily Add a Nearby Button – Apps also benefit from inbound marketing and direct access content. Using our SDK, add a nearby button to your iOS or Android apps to make it easy for your app users to immediately discover nearby information or incentives.

We understand that there are times when app users don’t want to see all content on the Physical Web. Our platform enables easy curation, so you can show just the relevant info that matters most, to that place, at that moment.

Beacons Connect

BKON A1 Physical Web BeaconThese tiny Bluetooth® Smart beacons provide the signals that connect with consumers’ smartphones when they’re nearby. Secure and weather resistant the BKON A1 can be placed just about anywhere and associated with just about anything.


Deployment is easy. Place a beacon near your product, sign, or at an event you’re promoting. Anyone can do it.


Using our platform, pick content to share. Add your creative touch. Associate it with beacon(s) and save. That’s it.


Let people know more info is available nearby through their smartphone. They tap. They engage.

Made for Marketers

Our platform is simple and adaptable to support a variety of marketing tactics, providing discovery experiences that connect people with your brand. Utilize existing web content (using URLs) to persuade, inform, entertain, or enable the ability to take action in key moments of a customer’s journey. Distributing digital content to the Physical Web doubles the value of your existing content.

This is Inbound Proximity Marketing. 
A Brand New Discovery Experience.

Creating a proximity campaign is surprisingly simple. So simple, you can be live with a new campaign in a single day. So powerful, it is internationalized and built for enterprise scale with developer-friendly API and SDK tools for fast integration with your existing campaign tools.


Tiny Bluetooth® Smart beacon hardware provides the signals smartphones hear when nearby. Secure, weather resistant, long life.



Instantly and remotely control message, creative, and context for any brand Physical Web beacon. One at a time or for thousands in bulk.


Dev Tools

Multifunction developer tools that enable you to easily add “nearby” functions of the Physical Web to any native iOS or Android app.


Built for the Physical Web

Physical Web Logo small .PNG fileWe use Google’s open approach to enabling quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations. It’s vastly simpler and less complex than any other proximity technologies.

Let Us Show You What Our Platform Can Do

Learn why Gartner named us a “2016 Cool Vendor in Mobile & Wireless” and how brands in 40+ countries are using our platform to win micro-moments. Contact us for a full demonstration.