Just like the Internet of Things, our Nashville-based technology team is expanding and evolving quickly.

We’re building the next generation of the web – the Physical Web. To make this happen, we’ll need tech’s top talent at both junior and senior levels. We are looking for passionate creators with experience in web product development.

Beyond demonstrating an obvious aptitude in at least one area of focus listed below, you should be smart, curious and driven. You’re the kind of person who isn’t afraid to make decisions – or occasionally, mistakes. (We give you the latitude to do both.)

The strongest candidates are usually the ones with skills and interests too big and complex to fit comfortably within any single job description. That said, you have to start somewhere:

Front-End Developer

We are looking for smart, curious and driven UX creators with expertise in front-end web development. We are eager to work with a detail-oriented, resourceful, and energetic mid to senior-level front-end web developer to join our team. This individual needs to be a good communicator with 5+ years of experience who is capable of realistic goal setting, creative problem solving and iterative development using Javascript, React (or similar libraries), HTML5/CSS3 and front-end/functional testing.

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Mobile App UI Developer

We live in a dual OS world. Ideal candidates are proficient with both iOS and Android development. We’re looking for front-end native mobile app developers who can make our apps shine with quick, responsive user experiences. We work with existing and emerging iOS/Android frameworks, libraries, and tools including: Core Data, Core/Android Bluetooth, Cocoa Touch, SDWebImage, WebKit, UIKit, Interface Builder including auto-layout and size classes, Asset Catalogues, AFNetworking, table views, webviews, notifications, layouts, navigation, widgets, and the Nearby API collection. We would expect app developers would familiar with these, and bring some new knowledge to the team.

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