The Simplest, Most Adaptable Tools for Inbound Proximity Marketing

Our full suite of tools make inbound marketing easier, faster, and more relevant than any other proximity tools you’ve tried before.

BKON A1 Beacons

BKON A1 Physical Web BeaconSecure Beacon Hardware: Tiny Bluetooth® Smart beacons that provide the signals smartphones hear when nearby. Secure, weather resistant, long life. LEARN MORE Platform Inbound Marketing PlatformPhysical Web Campaign Management: Instantly and remotely control the message, creative, and context for any brand Physical Web beacon. One at a time or for thousands in bulk. LEARN MORE Scanner scanner iconA better Physical Web experience for users: A new and improved image-rich experience for the Physical Web that pulls PICTURES from the URLs being shared. The scanner/browser also serves as the foundation for effective, branded native apps. LEARN MORE

Physical Web SDK

Physical Web Software Development Kit: Multifunction developer tools that enable you to easily add “nearby” functions of the Physical Web to any native iOS or Android app. LEARN MORE