The simplest, most adaptable tools for location-based marketing through customer-directed engagement.

Our full suite of tools makes customer-directed, location-based marketing easier, faster, and more relevant than any other proximity tools you’ve tried before.


Our PHY platform gives you remote control and measures of context and content in your proximity marketing campaigns.

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Every tiny beacon comes with a unique phyID key. Secure & weather resistant, each is powered by 2 AAA batteries that last 4+ years.

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You don’t have to use our beacons if you already made that investment. Just add phyIDs to existing beacons, QRs, or NFC Tags.

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A better Physical Web browsing experience for end-users that pulls PICTURES from the URLs being shared.

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Nearby App

A better Physical Web experience for users that pulls preview PICTURES from the URLs being shared.

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Dev Kit

Enable any native iOS app to Physical Web beacons and QR codes. Enable Android to scan NFC.

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