Measure everything.

Is your touchpoint browsing campaign working? With our in-platform metrics, you’ll be able to see all impressions and taps (click-throughs) by touchpoint (phyID) for the past 30 days – or the past 15 minutes.

Our dashboard will let you create and save measurement parameters, which you can keep on your dashboard for referencing later. Export the data as a CSV document. Create reports and share the results with your colleagues, customers and your social media followers. Besides impressions and click-throughs:

  • Scan-to-tap ratio for phyIDs (individual or by group)
  • Side-by-side bar graph of scans and taps
  • Scans and taps, actual numbers
  • Average of all of your phyIDs
  • Projected numbers on a chart.
  • Performance of your phyIQs and proximity settings
  • Performance of your MicroSites, destinations, domains, scheduled events, performance

If our phySDK is installed in your app, you’ll be able to see how it is performing and compare it to similar metrics for accesses to your touchpoints from third party applications. You’ll even be able to see which proximity settings on your beacons work better.

We know how important it is for marketers to be able to measure performance. Our platform’s metrics dashboard help you identify trends to focus on what’s working (and shift course when you see what’s not).