Browsable NFC

The small but mighty NFC tag is a literal ‘touch’ point for access and action.

A simple touch with an Android phone activates an NFC tag. It’s one of the simplest things for people to do when they find something they want more information or they’re ready to take action.

From previewing websites to turning on lights to unlocking doors, a simple touch can power interactions.

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are a precision touchpoint but have the drawback of not yet being supported on iOS. The benefits, however, may outweigh that drawback:

  • Can be activated by any Android phone (there are 800 million+ of them out there).
  • They don’t require batteries. Instead, they get their power from the electromagnetic field created in proximity to a smartphone. See how NFC works.
  • Enables the subject precision afforded by having touch as the user interface.
  • Gives marketers the flexibility to use a digital TouchPoint where touch is the most appropriate for the subject or environment.

Add the power of touch to your apps.

Upgrade your app with our Physical Web SDKWhen integrated into your app, our technology solutions add a layer of network-based intelligence, starting with a unique physical ID (TouchPoint ID) that enables an NFC tag to self-identify its location upon access. Our platform manages destinations and interactions and makes them browsable. This means users can preview content and can choose to select the destination or not.

For marketers, NFC tags managed by PHY can offer personalized in-app experiences with the ability to seamlessly move from one touchpoint to the next, including from NFC tags to QR codes to Physical Web beacons, all with super-quick response and information-rich previews. It also has the bonus working without an app, helping you reach the most people possible.