If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Imagine What Pictures Will Do for the User Experience of the Physical Web

After multiple marketers’ requests for a better Physical Web browsing experience, we designed and developed a better way to view the Physical Web.

The World’s First Image-Friendly Physical Web Scanner

Based on the Physical Web SDK, with large visual cues advertisers were craving, the PHY.net Scanner app is the first image-focused scanner for the Physical Web. The interface was built to showcase what’s possible with the Physical Web as a marketing tool. You can get it on Google Play, and it is also available on the App Store from Apple.

CoverCards Physical Web Metadata Control

Most people are driven by visual cues. Facebook, Google and even Twitter studies have shown that pictures get more clicks. We’re building on that concept by piggybacking on the same Open Graph and JSON-LD tech that is already built into millions of the world’s webpages.

Get it on Google Play Available on the App Store in iTunes

At the same time, it works beautifully with the CoverCard™ feature in PHY.net that lets marketers remotely control the image, title, description, and favicon that is displayed for each beacon. It works independently of the scanner, so what’s updated in PHY.net sill works seamlessly for other scanners.

We have included a fully functioning Physical Web scanner in the SDK. This empowers developers to customize the app with their own brand, eliminating much of the work involved in creating a custom app and speeding the time to market.