Helps Marketers Add Intelligence to Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Built for enterprise-level marketers, but simple enough for anyone to use. The platform is useful for more than content and beacon fleet management. It gives you improved control, better performance visibility and enriched consumer experiences in Physical Web browsers or your own Physical Web enabled apps.


Simple to use. If you’ve ever made an online purchase, you have the skills to manage a fleet of beacons.


Instantly update content associated with hundreds of beacons at once… from anywhere in the world.


Content creators have the power to change campaigns on-the-fly, without the need to engage a developer.

Features Physical Web is a single source SaaS for the Physical Web. Filled with powerful, yet simple-to-use tools that let you remotely manage schedulingsecurity, fleet management, deployment support, content management, metrics, API control, and context management. With, you have the greatest possible control over the content people see when they browse the Physical Web.


Built for security, scalability and European privacy compliance, with an eye toward large-scale deployments, is the industry’s most robust way to add intelligence to the Physical Web. But we realize that not everyone needs every feature. That’s why we have multiple plans, suited to different uses.

Compatibility can control any beacon brand that has been configured for Eddystone and the Physical Web. Since each beacon brand’s process is a little different, it is a good idea to visit the manufacturer’s site for how to make the switch to Eddystone-URL with your brand of beacon. Check here for more information.

Developer Resources

API Documentation for

Our RESTful API includes technical documentation and SDKs for nearly every platform.

API: Developer Control is available as an upgrade with Enterprise plans.
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An open source minimal authorization module for Node.js.

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Physical Web SDK

Easily enable any native iOS or Android app with the power of the Physical Web.

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