Our PHY.net Platform is the Easiest Way to Remotely Manage Physical Web Content and Context

Designed and built as a complete end-to-end Physical Web platform, PHY.net helps you manage security, fleet management, deployment support, content management, metrics, API control, and context management, giving you the greatest possible control over the content people see when they browse the Physical Web.

The Core Tools


A unique identification code assigned to each beacon managed by PHY.net. phyIDs are embedded in the broadcast and this same phyID is used at the platform level to manage content and context.

CoverCards™ Metadata Control

A metadata messaging tool that gives even novice marketers the ability to quickly and easily change what displays in place of a destination URL’s meta title, descriptionfavicon and preview image associated with a Physical Web beacon while keeping search engine optimization intact.

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App Content Filter

You can control which Physical Web beacon’s content displays  in your app with this handy filter.

Remote Redirects

Remotely control the destination links for each of your beacons. There are no limits on the number of times users can update a beacon’s destination.

Scheduled Redirects

At the Advanced level administrators can remotely manage a beacon’s destination redirect URL at a specific future time.

Viewing Range Control

PHY.net administrators can adjust the range where a user will see a beacon’s content with select beacon scanners/browsers. This is especially useful when a large number of beacons are in a concentrated area (exhibit halls, networking events, grocery, and other retail stores, etc.).

Viewing Range is currently only compatible with apps developed using our Nearby SDK, including the PHY.net Browser/Scanner.

On/Off Control

Account administrators can adjust whether a beacon’s content will show in a beacon scanner/browser. This is especially useful for timed releases of information.

Group/Bulk Editing Destinations

At the Enterprise level, administrators can remotely control redirects for just a few or thousands of beacons. Changes take effect instantly, regardless of the beacon’s location.


Turn your Physical Web search results list into direct action buttons. Send a text, play a video, post to social media, add an item to a cart – any action you can do on a website can be done with TapActions.

Organizational Tools

Beacon Naming and List Sorting

Beacon aliases and notes allow for easy identification and sortable lists at the Basic level. Advanced and Enterprise features also allow administrators to organize by folder and/or location.

Installation Notes

Record detailed installation notes during deployment. In addition to text-based notes, detailed photo uploads make any future maintenance or service faster and easier.

Bulk Beacon Additions  

Simplifies the task of adding multiple beacons to an account.

phyID CSV Export

A tool which allows administrators to export a list of phyIDs for inventory and other uses in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format for use by third party software.

Destination Library

Easily manage frequently used destination links in a single library. Once set up and saved, this eliminates common typo-related errors. Advanced and Enterprise level administrators may also limit access to only pre-approved links for specific account users, groups, labels, or locations.

Group/Bulk Editing Scheduled Events

Whether scheduling a change event for a single location with multiple beacons, or multiple locations around the globe, Enterprise level administrators can schedule automatic changes down to the minute.

Easy-Install Beacons

Allows beacons to essentially install themselves, eliminating the need for trained installers or even a configuration app, simplifying enterprise-scale proximity marketing deployments.

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API Controls

API: Developer Control

Our RESTful API includes technical documentation and SDKs for nearly every platform.

API: Developer Control is available with Enterprise plans.
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Physical Web SDK

The Physical Web Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy to enable any native iOS or Android app with the power of the Physical Web and works with any brand of Eddystone-URL formatted beacons.

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Performance Reports


Beacon scan metrics in the Advanced tier let you quantify the number of times someone nearby has requested more information from your beacons.

Beacon Health Monitoring

Battery state can be monitored and broadcast battery voltage during each scan. We provide a beacon health display with a dynamic email notification service available at the Enterprise level.

Battery State monitoring is possible with BKON brand beacons running firmware version 3.1 or later.


Sometimes referred to as URL Tags, UTM Codes, Query Variables, or Custom Parameters, phyIQ enables administrators to automatically append location and presence identifiers to destination links to enable alternate content options or to make event tracking easier through Google Analytics and other similar services.

A “presence” tag is an active indicator of a person’s presence near a beacon, vs access to the link from a saved or shared link.  At the Enterprise level, administrators can append custom destination links with dynamic real-time location information such as campaign codes, specific store identifiers, coupon codes, and other information.

Security Features

Secure User Administration

Only authorized users are able to change PHY.net settings. Basic tier access allows for a single user to administer all beacons in their account.

Multi-User Management – At the Advanced tier, the account administrators can delegate multiple users’ access to their account.

Multi-Level User Management – At the Enterprise tier, account administrators can control multiple users with a single sign-in, each with their own uniquely defined levels of access.


PHY.net knows which beacons are “official” and which are copies. After a time, pirated beacons will point to alternate content controlled by the original beacon owners. This is especially useful for proximity rewards programs or any other use case where security is a concern.

Anti-Spoofing is currently only possible with BKON brand beacons running firmware version 3.1 or later.


PHY.net locks ownership and control of individual beacons to that owner’s account by syncing with an embedded key code built into all BKON branded firmware.

Just Like the Physical Web Itself, Features and Functions are Expanding

Even with all of the tools listed here, we’re just getting started. Check back often to see more powerful and ground-breaking functionality we have coming in the pipeline. Now take a look at the Plans page to see where and how each tool fits with each plan.