BKON Platform on Laptop front facing

Built for enterprise-level marketers, but simple enough for anyone to use.

Our platform is useful for more than content and beacon fleet management. It gives you improved control, better performance visibility and enriched consumer experiences in Physical Web browsers or your own Physical Web enabled apps.


Instantly and remotely control the message, creative, and context for any brand Physical Web beacon. One at a time or for thousands in bulk.

Designed as a complete end-to-end proximity marketing platform and built for enterprise scale, our platform helps you simultaneously manage beacon, QR, and NFC deployments; fleet management; metrics; API control; and context management. This gives you the greatest possible control of digital interactions people have with your Physical Web touchpoints. The best part: You control it all remotely with a single platform.


While our beacons and QR codes are pre-configured for the Physical Web and preprogrammed with a unique shorter that is compatible with our platform, third-party Eddystone-URL beacons, QR codes, and NFC tags can also be configured and managed with our platform.

Platform Compatibility

Our platform is fully compatible with third-party beacon hardware, NFC tags, and QR codes, as long as they’re configured for Physical Web use as Eddystone-URL.

Of course, it is worth noting that our beacons are shipped configured for Eddystone-URL, and preprogrammed with a unique shorter that is compatible with our platform. You do not have to pair with or configure the beacon, just type the laser-engraved ID into the platform and add your own destination URL. That’s it. Now you can control it remotely, from anywhere in the world. 

For third-party beacon, QR and NFC compatibility, simply add one of our unique TouchPoint IDs to your device and enter your desired destination URL in the platform. Simple redirects are free, while our platform offers advanced functions such as microsite hosting, metrics, an API, and device controls for a low monthly service fee. Contact us to learn about compatibility for your specific brand and volume pricing.

Features and functions are always expanding.

TouchPoint IDs

A unique identification code assigned to each touchpoint managed within the platform. To control content and context.


Metadata messaging tools that make it simple for marketers to quickly and easily change previews for each browsable touchpoint.


Don’t have a website or easy access to the corporate site? Create small, lightweight landing pages and manage them remotely.

Contextual Filters

With app content filters, you can restrict access or serve completely different content based on who’s requesting, where they are, and when they are making the request.

Remote Redirects

Remotely control the destination links for each of your touchpoints. There are no limits on the number of updates to a beacon’s destination.

Scheduled Redirects

Administrators can remotely manage a touchpoint’s destination URL at a specific future time.

Viewing Range

Especially useful when a large number of beacons are in a concentrated area, adjust the range where a user will see a beacon’s content.*

On/Off Control

Useful for timed releases of information, adjust the visibility of content for each touchpoint individually or in bulk.

Group / Bulk Editing

Remotely control destination URLs for just a few, or thousands of beacons. Changes take effect instantly, regardless of location.


Direct links to email, message, call or use a developer’s webhook to create dynamic interactions with IoT devices.

Naming and Sorting

Direct links to email, message, call or use a developer’s webhook to create dynamic interactions with IoT devices.

Installation Notes

In addition to text-based notes, detailed photo uploads make any future maintenance or service faster and easier.

Bulk Additions

Importing large lists simplifies the task of adding multiple touchpoints to an account.

TouchPoint ID CSV Export

Quickly export a list of TouchPoint IDs for inventory and other uses in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

Destination Library

Easily manage frequently used links in a single library, eliminating common typo-related errors.

Easy Install

Simplifies enterprise-scale installations eliminating the need for trained installers or even a configuration app.

API Controls

Include technical documentation and SDKs for nearly every platform. API: Developer Control is available with Enterprise plans.

Software Development Kit

Easily enable any native iOS or Android app with the power of the Physical Web to browse Physical Web beacons, QR codes, and NFC tags.


Quantify the number of times someone nearby has requested more information from your beacons, QR codes, and NFC tags.

TouchPoint Monitoring

Monitor beacon battery state** as well as time/date of last interaction for QR and NFC. Notifications keep you informed if there are issues.

TouchPoint IQ

Automatically append location and presence identifiers to links to enable alternate special content options or for easier identification.


Account administrators can delegate multiple users’ access their account.

Multi-Level Admin

Account admins can control multiple users, each with uniquely defined levels of access.


If a beacon is spoofed (copied), the platform will know. Copies can automatically point to alternate content controlled by the account admin. **


Ownership and control of BKON beacons are locked into your account and synchronized with an embedded firmware key code.

Features and functions are always expanding.

Even with all of the tools listed here, we’re just getting started. Check back often to see more powerful and ground-breaking functionality we have coming in the pipeline or contact us for a custom proposal and learn more about how our solutions can lower your overall campaign expenses.


* Viewing Range is currently only compatible with Bluetooth beacons browsed through apps developed using our SDK, including the PHY Physical Web Browser.

**Battery State monitoring, Anti-spoofing, and Anti-Hijacking require BKON brand beacons running firmware version 3.1 or later.