Browsable QR Codes

The new QR experience is browsable.

With instant previews of destination content, QR is safer, more private and faster. Because users have full previews in advance, there are no wasted taps between content.

Let’s face it: QR codes have a bad rap – deservedly so. They offer a poor user experience. Typically, people don’t know where they’ll go until they scan the code, and then the content is of no value nine out of 10 times. Who wants to use something with that success rate? Well, we fixed that.

QR Browsing gif

Give your visitors convenience, speed, privacy and security with a new and vastly improved QR experience. Discover the rejuvenated QR, with relevant previews from our SDK.

A resurgence of scanning.

Some U.S. marketers will tell you that QR never really took off. On the contrary, the QR business is booming around the world. WeChat, with more than 1 billion user accounts, is betting heavily on QR for mobile payments. Twitter, with 100 million daily users; Facebook, with 900 million users; and Snapchat with 158 million users, are getting in on the scannable shortcuts game.

Still, QR codes aren’t being used to their full potential.

So we fixed them.

Users see instant previews.

Now anyone using an app that includes our SDK will see instant previews. There’s no “scanning” involved. Just align the QR code in the camera view and boom! A preview appears. Move on to the next QR code, and you are browsing.

Remote control with context.

With our platform, you’re in complete control of the destination links for QRs individually, in bulk, or on schedule. You can even control who sees what destinations, along with when and where those links can be accessed.

Manage different content for different audiences.

Provide safe, secure information access.

The combination of our platform and SDK for touchpoint browsing keeps your app users safe from malicious content by restricting browsing in your location to just those codes, tags or beacon links that you authorize.


In iOS and Android apps, enabled with our SDK, the user controls the pace of discovery.


Instant in-app previews, one right after another, mean no more long web page loads to see if a scan is worth the wait.


Content can be easily customized with contextual precision, for better engagement and higher user satisfaction, when used with our platform.