Touchpoint browsing empowers your visitors to control their own pace of discovery.

Unlike inaccurate push messaging, touchpoint browsing is a new customer-directed in-app experience. Reward your visitors with instant, informative, and secure previews about things and services nearby. You retain remote control of the message, measure the subject interest, and address different audiences with different content… in your app or theirs.

Upgrade your in-app, on-location experience.

This is a magical new way for users to engage with their surroundings. Using your app-enabled with our SDK you’ll be able to engage with truly satisfied customers who have control of their discovery, while you stay in control of the content they see. For those visitors accessing from outside your app, incentivize an upgraded in-app experience with special access to information.


While push messaging continues to annoy, this consumer-directed approach is welcoming and empowering people with the ability to choose how, when and where they engage.


Touchpoint browsing is like digital x-ray vision for the physical world. Instant contextual previews and immediate access to interactions make this a transformative experience.


In addition to location accuracy down to the inch with QR and NFCTM, you can also accurately measure a visitor’s interest and intent in a particular subject, brand, product or service.

A variety of access options.

Consumer choice is the name of the game here and it starts with how they choose to access the information you provide. You’ve given them a website to augment your physical location. Now give options of how they access that information and actions when they’re in or around your physical location, even if they don’t have your app.


More than 800 million people with Android smartphones can interact with NFC™ tags already. Simply tapping a tag gives instant previews to information or actions they can take.



Increasingly the camera is a primary go-to tool on consumer smartphones. Touchpoint browsing QR codes augments the user’s environment with helpful and actionable information.



Bluetooth® beacons extend your reach, while you contain that contextual precision you need in your metrics. People can easily preview information and access actions when nearby.