Universal access, with or without an app. You control everything with a single platform.

Reach the broadest audience possible while filtering content for different types of viewers.

Access to info is easy with QR.

Snapchat, Chrome, and Twitter for the Physical WebThe content you curate and manage for your app experience or through a browser can also be accessed through Snapchat, Chrome, Twitter and a host of other browsers that support QR Codes™ and NFC™ scanning. Apple’s announcement that iOS 11 supports QR scanning directly from within the camera app is another big push for QR.

This gives you the opportunity to share information with a much wider audience. But don’t worry, you’re in full control of what they can see.

Brick and mortar businesses need a way to engage visitors on their mobile devices.

With 80% of people already using a smartphone while they shop, “showrooming” is becoming a huge headache for retailers. In the April, 2016 CNN Money article, they mentioned the research report that cited the possibility that more than 8,600 retail locations will close in 2017. That’s way up from 2,056 in 2016 and 5,077 in 2015.

Amazon is picking up the slack, effectively hijacking the traffic from in-store shoppers who go to Google to find more information or a better deal.

Reach people when they reach for their phones.

Physical Web applications come in all shapes and sizes. The most ubiquitous are Chrome and Android Nearby, but Samsung is getting into the game too. With each of these mainstream applications, more people are now able to access Physical Web beacon content, and the numbers continue to grow.

Android Nearby

Android Nearby Notifications800 million+ Android users can see Physical Web content already, using Nearby Notifications when they come within range of a Physical Web beacon. With a simple “swipe down” from the top of their screens, users can quickly preview nearby content. This is a passive notification, meaning it won’t make people’s phone buzz, but it will be available when they’re ready to engage.


Samsung CloseBy

Samsung Closeby Physical Web BrowserThe CloseBy feature in the Samsung Browser (in beta as of April 2017) means 400 million Samsung users will see Physical Web content upon waking their phone.

In-app Physical Web experience.

When Physical Web functions are built into apps, consumer utility is enhanced, satisfaction is increased, and content owners get more relevant metrics from a wider, more engaged audience.

With app content filters, you can restrict access or serve completely different content based on who’s requesting, where they are, and when they are making the request.