Physical Web Resources for Marketers, Developers, Enthusiasts, Deployers, and Reporters

Whether you’re looking for an overview or more info about how the Physical Web’s usefulness, chances are good you’ll find it here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. We’re learning more every day and we’re doing our best to share the power of the Physical Web.

Physical Web Q&A

The Physical Web Leapfrogs the AppThe premise of the Physical Web is that people should be able to “Walk up and use anything.” But what does that really mean? Well, we have some thoughts that we think are worth sharing.

Best Practices

There’s more to a Physical Web campaign than beacon hardware. This is where you’ll find some best practice suggestions we have learned along the way. Useful fundamental info, along with some little tidbits of info that can make any campaign that much better.

Developer Resources APIWe build our tools with simplicity in mind. While Marketers are our primary customers, they sometimes need a little more power. The kind of power developers can give with the help of APIs and SDKs. This is where you’ll find those tools.

Physical Web Scanners

Some call them scanners. Others call them browsers. We don’t have a strong preference either way. The important thing is that these tools provide the primary user experience for the Physical Web. Quick Start Guide

Are you new to This step-by-step guide is a good place to start. You’ll need at least one phyID and a beacon to start.