Customize the Physical Web Experience with CoverCards Metadata Control
Edwin Acevedo
Copywriter | PR Coordinator

Customize the Physical Web experience with CoverCards metadata control.

Until now, the Physical Web experience can be inconsistent. Messaging is pulled from <title>, <description> and favicon metadata in a website’s HTML. That metadata typically is most often written for search engine optimization or general search results, not proximity marketing campaigns. In some cases, these messages may not even exist.

With CoverCards on, marketers now have a powerful, but easy way to customize the preview message in any Physical Web browser by overriding existing meta title, description, and favicon, while also adding a preview image for applicable browsers. Beautiful, contextually-relevant experiences can easily be created in seconds without disturbing the actual destination website’s metadata, so existing SEO info stays intact.

In addition to message control and a better user experience, marketers get improved click-through metrics and aren’t limited with https restrictions. This new metadata control feature works seamlessly with other features including group/bulk edits and scheduled event redirects.

The First Image-focused Physical Web Browser

old view vs. new view with covercards“This addition of the customized preview image is a major step in the evolution of user-experience for the Physical Web.” says BKON CEO, Richard Graves. “We already added image previews into our browser and since Open Graph and JSON-LD images are built into millions of the world’s web pages, we expect others will enhance their browsers soon.”

The Physical Web is an open-source project created by Google that enables frictionless discovery of content based on what’s nearby. Tiny, low-cost, Bluetooth® Smart transmitters emit standard web links that nearby mobile devices can receive and understand with the help of a Physical Web browser. These links are the key contextual component of the Internet of Things (IoT) because, uniquely, beacons have near-universal compatibility with mobile devices and are the connectors for content on the Physical Web.

Bounty search vs Physical Web

Enable rich new experiences in apps with the SDK

Because image rich CoverCards work with all apps that use our phySDK, they provide a great tool to quickly add new content to an app.  We have even had customers create complete apps where all of the content is dynamically managed through CoverCards. Creating a compelling Physical Web experience is easy and affordable.