Physical Web Developer Resources
Bob Rochford
Technical Sales Engineer
Kevin Huber
Developer | Scrum Master

Physical Web tools for developers.

We build our tools with simplicity in mind. While marketers are our primary customers, they sometimes need a little more power. The kind of power developers can give with the help of APIs and SDKs. This is where you’ll find those tools.


API Documentation for our Physical Web Platform


Our RESTful API includes technical documentation and SDKs for nearly every platform.

API Developer Control is available as an upgrade with Enterprise plans.


Physical Web Software Development Kit (SDK)

TouchPoint Physical Web SDK

Easily enable any native iOS or Android app with the power of the Physical Web. With this integration, app owners/administrators can deliver content in ways that were previously unavailable, unreliable, or only possible with labor intensive iBeacon deployments or imprecise geofencing location services.

The iOS and Android versions of the SDK are available to all platform subscribers.



Pandit - a open source minimal authorization module for Node.js

A lightweight open source minimal authorization module for Node.js that allows fast and easy management of permissions and fine grain access control.