iOS iBeacon Setup with BKON Registry
Bob Rochford
Technical Sales Engineer

iOS iBeacon setup with our BKON Registry.

Use BKON RegistryTM to securely manage your deployed beacons in the field. In this iOS iBeacon setup guide, you’ll also learn how to pre-configure some of your basic beacon settings prior to deployment. The benefit: it is much easier to type on a computer than it is on a phone.

The point of this page is to provide the quickest way to get started using our beacons in the iBeacon format.

  1. Upon receiving your beacon, please create a account by going to Once your account is created, you can add any additional phyIDs on your “My Beacons” page. Note: is our “beacon network” administration hub that controls user access to both the BKON Registry and
  2. Once you have your account setup, visit BKON Registry. Use your login credentials to log in. You won’t see any iBeacons in your registry account but don’t worry, we’ll take care of that soon.
  3. Our beacons ship as Eddystone-URL, so the protocol must be changed for iBeacon broadcasts. This is done by following these steps:
    1. Download BKON Connect for  iOS.
    2. Log into the app using your credentials in the upper left corner.
    3. Pair with your beacon by putting the beacon into connectable mode. To do this, remove the back of the beacon with the micro-screwdriver provided in the lower tray and the batteries. Then reinstall the batteries to power cycle the beacon, which forces the beacon in connectable mode for 30 seconds. The beacon will then repopulate in the BKON Connect app and you may pair with the beacon. Be sure you see “Connected – Authorized” on the top of your beacon details screen after pairing.
    4. If you don’t see this, please verify that the beacon’s phyID has been added to your account.
    5. Change the Beacon Mode from Eddystone Non-Connectible to iBeacon Connectible and tap save. Now select the Registry Account field below iBeacon Minor and claim the beacon by associating it with your account as prompted and save. Unpair with your beacon to save your settings.
    6. * Pro Tip: Use the spyglass button when paired with a beacon to flash the LED on the beacon that you are connected to.
  4. In BKON Registry, your reconfigured beacon should now be listed in your dashboard.
    • If you created any Zones in your BKON Registry account, you can take this time to re-pair with your beacon using BKON Connect and select one of the Zones you created earlier, which will change the uuid, major and minor to match what you set in your BKON Registry account.
  5. Now you are now ready to integrate your iBeacons into your app, which can be done by using our phySDK (See our phySDK Getting Started Guide for more on this).
  6. Please explore BKON Registry for info about:
    • Zones
    • Groups
    • Analytics
    • Beacons
    • SDK/API


Once your beacon is configured for an iBeacon broadcast, you can then see changes reflected in BKON Registry for that beacon. Test this by pairing with your beacon using BKON Connect, change the major value, save and disconnect from your beacon then check your account in BKON Registry. *Make sure to save your changes and disconnect from your beacon for the updates to be reported back to BKON Registry.


The purpose of creating a Zone on the registry is to help ease the process of configuring your beacon’s uuid, major and minor as well as allowing for tracking detailed user analytics.

Create a Zone in BKON Registry by logging into your account, clicking Zones, then Create New Zone. Keep naming conventions simple and short. Under 20 characters is best. Remember, all beacons within a zone have identical UUID, Major and Minor settings. Your beacon(s) must have UUID, Major and Minor values matching those in the defined Zone for battery and analytics to be reported to your account. Remember to use BKON Connect configure your beacon values. The iOS version allows you to pick your Zone from a list while when using the Android version, just make sure they match the Zone that was created. When configured properly you will see that your beacon has been added to your Zone on the registry. A Zone may have hundreds of beacons associated with it.


Like folders on your computer, Groups let you organize Zones into categories that you define. This is an organizational tool for beacon maintenance and analytics tracking. In addition to Analytics Groups, you can create a Service Group that designates a person that is responsible for receiving periodic Activity Reports. Inactivity Alerts will send a message if there has been no activity within a certain time OR if the battery condition needs attention.