Why Your App Needs a ‘Nearby Button’
Richard Graves
Co-founder | CEO

Why your app needs a nearby button.

Retail is about discovery. That’s why the single most powerful touch point in the shopper’s journey happens when people with your mobile app find themselves in your store or in front of your product. It’s a moment of intent and an opportunity for marketers to create a compelling user experience. More and more, people turn to their mobile devices in these moments when they want to learn, do or buy something. For many marketers, these moments represent a blind spot. They have tried to be in that moment with mobile search, native apps and push messages, but not with effectiveness.

We have the perfect alternative. Our complete inbound proximity marketing solution makes it easy to associate content to things in a physical location, and the content is all directly accessible with the tap of a button. It gives your customers the ability to act in the moment they have a question or a need. Our patent-pending technology relies more on natural human curiosity than a complicated algorithm. The “nearby button” gives people who visit your store – or stadium, or campus or event – the power to discover and interact with relevant and helpful content when and where it is needed.

Nearby Button in the Nashville Oktoberfest App

Nearby Button in the Nashville Oktoberfest App

The Nearby SDK

If you have a mobile app, our software can easily be integrated, but you won’t need a developer to edit content once installed. If you need an app, we can even customize a Physical Web scanner/browser for considerably less than you might think. Either way, the content accessible at inbound touch points can be remotely updated by dashboard, group, schedule or API with our PHY.net platform.

If you can run an email marketing campaign or manage a brand’s social media, you have the skills to deliver rich app-based digital experiences that blow away expectations of today’s mobile-empowered shoppers. Our administrator dashboard is rigorously user-tested to be intuitive and to anticipate your next question. Nearby content is web-based, which makes it easy to update. It’s the simplest and fastest way add conveniently accessible content to your app without having to call a developer every time.

Our tools are built on the Physical Web, an open approach to web-enabled proximity interaction. Google introduced the Physical Web with a singular focus: to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations. By letting people start the interaction, it shows you respect their intentions, and it opens the door to provide better customer service.

Content Curation and Enhanced Security

Physical Web Logo small .PNG file

The Universal Symbol for the Physical Web

The Physical Web is natively integrated into Android devices, and into browsers like Chrome, Opera and Mozilla’s Magnet, meaning that content you deploy for your app can also be visible to those who do not have your app. For your app users, the Physical Web boosts engagement, reduces friction, and increases the number of possible touch points with your potential customers. Our software extends access from your app to a curated subset of the Physical Web, where you manage relevancy, secure users from malicious websites, and capture superior analytics. You can even show alternate content to your app vs. browser users. With thousands of tools for content creation and hosting (many of which are free), building an inbound proximity marketing campaign on the Physical Web has never been easier.

Inbound Marketing Tactics Work Better Together

In critical touch points, push notifications are risky. Push messages can be a distraction unless they provide useful information or special offers that correctly predict someone’s intent. Apps that push a mistimed or off-target notification give people another reason to groan – and to uninstall.

According to Hubspot, inbound “pull” marketing has been more effective in the past 10 years than the outbound, or “push” marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists and praying for leads. Marketers are already familiar with inbound “pull” marketing tactics like content, social media, SEO and events, which generate brand awareness and create business.

The Physical Web, by default, is a pull technology. Inbound marketing tactics work better together, and BKON makes a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can activate the Physical Web in any mobile app. We believe curiosity and fulfillment are better ways to initiate a relationship than blind prodding for user engagement. The Physical Web waits quietly until called upon and avoids pushing the wrong message at the wrong time.

Tap Actions in Nearby SDK from BKONAnything in the physical world can be associated with content on the Physical Web. Wherever there is something you want to promote, place a small Bluetooth beacon nearby and indicate the presence of content by displaying the universal logo for the Physical Web. People discover content by tapping a button in your app. This will display a list of options that can link to a website, a video, a live chat, a discount coupon and more. Anything you can do on the web, you can do on the Physical Web. With our tools, you can create, automate, and measure the actions and interactions.

Physical Web content is sorted by distance. Beacons that are close rank higher on the list. Our technology allows beacon owners to display alternate content by detecting the browser or app a shopper uses and delivering the right content at the right time, automatically.

When people choose the content they are interested in, marketers learn shopper intent so they can respond directly to customer needs.

Powerful Functionality, Simple to Use, Easy to Manage

The Physical Web works on iOS and Android, with the expectation of a browser allowing anyone to “walk up and use anything.” Our software takes that thinking but applies it instead to an app, allowing it to say: “I am here when you need me. Just ask.” People directly access content by tapping a button on their smartphones, which removes significant friction from discovery.

We also manufacture advanced weatherproof Bluetooth beacon hardware that is small, secure and long-lasting. For more information, see our full set of software features, as well as specifications for our beacon hardware.

Marketing Technology That Delivers Discovery

We make it easy for people to discover nearby content they value. Our mission is to build the world’s most intuitive and effective proximity marketing technologies for delivering moments of wonderment to people, things, and organizations. We offer marketers, agencies and enterprise brands a strong set of inbound proximity marketing tools that focus on:

  • Your quality content, accessed by location
  • Frictionless access for your users
  • Boosting engagement between your brands and your customers
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Broadening the audience

Learn more about our inbound marketing automation software, and see how easy it is to leverage proximity, identity, and intent to create remarkable user experiences on the Physical Web.