Chris Blanz
Co-Founder | CXO

Useful tools and suggestions for planning a Physical Web campaign.

There’s more to a Physical Web campaign than beacon hardware. This is where you’ll find some best practice suggestions we have learned along the way. Useful fundamental info, along with some little tidbits of info that can make any campaign better. If you have a more specific need than what you see here, let us know.

Use Cases

The Physical Web is applicable in so many cases, but each of tends to fall into one of four use types. They either persuade, inform, entertain or provide interaction. We have given some thought to some of these scenarios in hopes of helping inspire ideas for your potential uses.

Use Cases



Physical Web Use Case

Case Studies

Inbound Marketing takes many forms, but true audience engagement, with just in time content at just the right place… that can be tricky. This is where proximity comes into play. Whether in a retail shop or at an event, people are already tuned to their smartphone’s screen. This is where we meet them.

Case Studies



Physical Web discovery

Consumer Awareness

Consumer awareness is an important part of any Physical Web campaign. There are many approaches that range from traditional broadcast advertising to on-the-spot guerrilla marketing. We have assembled some ideas worth sharing.




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Physical Web I.D. Stickers

Handy little stickers for highlighting that Physical Web content is nearby.

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Downloadable Physical Web ID Template

Physical Web sticker