Quick Start Guide to BKON Hardware
Bob Rochford
Technical Sales Engineer

Quick start guide to BKON hardware.

Congratulations! Your beacon is on and ready to go. It’s currently configured to broadcast Eddystone-URLs for Physical Web use and our PHY platform for remote management. If you intend to use your beacons as iBeacon, click here for iBeacon setup instructions.

Step 1: Install the Batteries

BKON beacon setup

The BKON A1 comes standard with two AAA Alkaline batteries, but you may substitute Lithium batteries for 10-15% longer life.

All of our BKON A1 beacons come standard with two AAA Alkaline batteries. When batteries are installed (correctly), your beacon is on.

  • Remove the four screws and rear plate from the bottom of your BKON A1 beacon paying special attention not to lose the rubber gasket on the underside (this gasket is essential in weather-resistance).
  • Using the guide printed on the circuit board inside the beacon, match the + and – of the board to the + and – of each battery.
  • Reinstall the back plate, making sure the rubber gasket is resting evenly along the seal.

Note: To ensure weather resistance, it may help to partially install all screws before tightening all of them. Once your beacon has power, it is now broadcasting!

Step 2: Get a Physical Web Scanner

To see your beacon’s content, you’re going to need a Physical Web scanner/browser. These scanners pull page titles and/or page descriptions from the metadata of the destination URL to display on-screen. Our platform feature, known as CoverCards allows you to override that meta information and even include preview photos that are compatible with a growing number of Physical Web scanners. Tap the link and you’ll be taken directly to the site that beacon is broadcasting.

We recommend the PHY Physical Web browser, but there are many to choose from.

Step 3: Sign In

Visit bkon.com/signin to enter your account. If you bought a beacon or phyIDs from us, you should already have an account.

Once signed in, visit the beacons page to add your beacon’s phyID. Enter one or more phyIDs at a time.

Step 4: Add a Destination

Once the phyID is entered, select that beacon’s phyID in the beacons list, to edit the destination URL and direct your beacon’s broadcast to anywhere on the web. You can also add notes, schedule, set proximity, and assign an alias to your beacon.*
*Viewing Range is currently only compatible with scanners built using our phySDK.

That’s all there is to it.

Advanced Settings

To change your beacon’s configuration between Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, and iBeacon, you can use BKON Connect for Android or BKON Connect for iOS. For more information about BKON Connect, you can download the BKON Connect Android User Guide. One for iOS will be available soon. To be notified when that documentation is ready, contact us.