Kevin Huber
Developer | Scrum Master

The Physical Web enables visitors to control this giant video wall.

The Physical Web enables visitors at Fivestone Studios to control this massive 5XD display with their smartphones.

The system uses BKON A1 beacons to broadcast a web URL, giving nearby users with a Physical Web browser, quick access to a particular URL that links to the server controlling the monster monitor.

BKON A1 Physical Web Beacon. Physical Web enables visitorsOnce an option is selected, a record is updated in a database. The 5XD server checks that database every 10 seconds. If a change is seen, the selected video plays. That 10-second timing can easily change to more or less, depending on the need.

By using’s phyIQ (URL Tags) feature, the URL is dynamically generated based on the time and that specific beacon.

This feature keeps control local and secure. Anyone outside of the Fivestone office may know the main URL, but they won’t have access to control the screen unless they are standing within sight of the screen. Even if someone copies and sends that URL to a friend, the phyIQ keeps access confined to the local office.