You Will Need at Least One phyID to Create an Account

What’s a phyID?

phyID on a BKON Beacon

Each BKON brand beacon comes preconfigured with a phyID.

A phyID is a unique code assigned to each individual Physical Web beacon, (hence the phy in phyID.) Each BKON beacon comes preconfigured with a unique 6-digit laser engraved code on the side of the beacon.

If you don’t see a laser engraving, you may have an older BKON beacon with a sticker instead. If you don’t see a phyID on your BKON beacon at all, contact us. It could be that the sticker was removed.

If you have another brand of beacon from Accent Systems, Beaconinside, Blesh, Bluvision, Estimote, Kontakt, Nordic, Radius, Sensoro, Signal 360, or any one of the other beacon manufacturers, no problem. is fully compatible with any brand beacon configured for the Physical Web. All you need is a phyID for each beacon.

We’ll give you a free phyID so you can see how the system works, but if you’re ready to deploy, head on over to the plans page and tell us how many you’ll need. After selecting a plan, click through the screens to get the phyIDs you need.